Насъраване на мотивацията за учене

Enhancing Learning Motivation (ELMO)


Erasmus+ KA2– Strategic partnership for exchange of good practice

Period: 2018-2020

Budget: 91670 EUR

Coordinator: Stephansstift Zentrum für Erwachsenenbildung gemeinnützige GmbH, Hannover, Germany

Partners from:






The goal is the development of a social and emotional teaching approach as a resource for multipliers to increase learners’ learning motivation. In particular, the following topics will be dealt with: emotions in learning (especially humour and laughing), learning atmosphere (creating a learning environment as a trust-creating „Safespace“, group dynamics, attachment to the teacher), brain-appropriate learning, intercultural competence and sensitivity to different learning cultures.

The target group in focus of this project are multipliers: teachers, educators, social workers, volunteers, tutors etc. (staff from participating organizations).

They will take part in 3 Learning/Training/Teaching activities with the topics of

  1. Emotions in learning
  2. Teacher personality, bondage, classroom atmosphere (=social learning)
  3. Brain-appropriate learning (cognitive learning methods that fosters positive emotions and makes learning easier)

Each LTT-Activity will also address the topic of intercultural competence and different learning cultures (in relation to the cultural backgrounds of the partners and minorities, they work with in their organizations).

The participating multipliers should receive new didactic and methodical ideas on the topic that the respective partner is presenting. They should gain insight into the country-specific structures in dealing with disadvantaged learner groups. They are supposed to experience and reflect hurdles of intercultural communication, as well as to understand what different learning cultures, teaching and learning methods mean for heterogeneous classes. The new knowledge should be implemented in the home country.

The content of the trainings are based on scientific findings and practical instructions/teaching methods resulting from those findings. The theory should be scientifically presented, new methods for the practical implementation of the theory will be tested in this seminar, also best practice examples and dealing with disadvantaged learners in the respective country will be presented.

The scientific basis as well as a collection of corresponding methods will be collected and compiled into a compendium (. This compendium will contain relevant knowledge, guidelines and methods, that could be used e.g. in language courses, basic education courses, in job placement measures, for educational support of learners in vocational training or in the teaching of „life skills“. For multipliers, teachers, pedagogues, social worker and students of pedagogy, the compendium will provide an overview of scientific theories on learning motivation and ideas for practical implementation and methods.

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