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The OtherGeneration project

Financed under the Program for child and youth development based on the approach of building on the strengths of the Child" of the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation with the financial support of the Oak Foundation  
Period of implementation: 16/11/2015 – 16/11/2017  
Total budget:  27834 BGN (19570 BGN grant and  8264BGN own contribution)  


To improve the knowledge and skills of children of economic emigrants (14-16 years) to deal with difficulties and achieve emotional stability, social inclusion and active citizenship;

To create a secure environment and circle of people and institutions supporting children and young people;

• To test the model to support the children of economic emigrants with the cooperation of the local authority, educational institutions and extended family



1. Informational meetings and selection of participants

2. Trainings

3. Interactive game-contest

4. Art workshops and common activities

5. Final event

6. Publicity and Information


As a result of the project activities 32 children aged 14-16 years have increased their knowledge, skills and competences to cope with difficulties.





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