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Knowledge” Association - Lovech, Bulgaria
44, Targovska
  +359 68 62 79 52  

Knowledge Association Lovech acts as a Forum- Centre since 2005.

The initiation of a wide public discussion is a democratic process, which supports the local development; it forms civil attitude and participation in decision making.

The forum process is an effective approach for civil participation. It gives the citizens an opportunity to participate on local, regional and national level in discussing of main topics and problems. The main objective of the forum is to find out solutions of a concrete problems trough discussion of different points of view and suggesting of different solutions, the best of them is chosen and accepted trough consensus.
The plain structure, obligatory elements and principles, which can not be changed, are preconditions for successive and effective forum process.
Knowledge Association – Lovech has experience in coordination of public forums. The team of Knowledge is qualified for initiating, moderating and coordinating of forum process in the frame of “Public Forum” program 2000-2007, financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

  Forum Mizia
  Forum Leader
  Public Forum "Regeneration – chance for sustainable development of Lovech municipality"
  Public Forum Letnitsa
  Eco forum Doirentsi
  Forum Mizia (inter regional) - reaching a consensus for regional innovative strategy in North – central and North – west planning region /financed by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the 6th framework program of the EU through RADI Mizia Association/.
- increased competitiveness in the region
- collaboration between business and science
- created preconditions for bringing in more innovations in science and development actions
  Forum Leader – (inter municipal) partnership for sustainable local development for preparing the municipalities of Levski, Letnitsa and Pordim to work on the program for development of rural areas / financed under PHARE, Civil Society Development Program 2004/ Results:
- Approved strategy for local development following the EU LEADER approach
- Reached consensus about measures and priorities, included in the strategy
- Established and registered NGO “Local Action Group” – Levski, Letnitsa and Pordim
  Public Forum “Regeneration – chance for sustainable development of Lovech municipality” to teach common public opinion for development of projects under the National Operational Program “Regional Development”/. Forum process financed by Canton Bern trough Balkan Assist and supported by Lovech municipality
- Support of Lovech municipality in development of projects under the European Structural Funds
- Generated ideas for regeneration projects
- The Lovech municipality became aware of the expectations, wishes of citizens, institutions and business related to the regeneration projects in the municipality.
- Raised publicity for regeneration projects in Lovech
  Public Forum Letnitsa – Realization of young people in small municipality /financed under Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation trough Balkan Assist and supported by Letnitsa municipality/.
- volunteer labour of participants /1248 hours/
- recommendations from the participants to forum and to different institutions in Letnitsa Municipality
- generated project ideas during the forum process
- 7 elaborated and implemented projects
  Eco forum Doirentsi for reaching consensus for improvement of the living spaces in Doirentsi village /financed under “Local Ecoinitiatives” programme of Foundation EcoSociety/
- Initiated forum process for discussing and undertaking of concrete actions for improving the living space in Doirentsi village elaborated indicators and priorities for sustainable environmental development of the village and strategy
- Partnership between institutions, business to improve the living space in the village
- Improved knowledge and skills to elaborate projects of people from the village
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