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Springboard for School Readiness 2014-2015 Project  
Under:Increasing Kindergarten Participation:An Early Intervention With High Economic Returns of the Trust for Social Achievement, with the financial support from the America for Bulgaria Foundation and in cooperation with the World Bank  
Period of implementation: 01/06/2014 30/06/2015  
Project Goals:

This project is designed to provide policy-relevant information on how best to increase kindergarten participation and promote early learning for marginalized children in Bulgaria.

 In total, the project will impact 6000 children aged 3-5 from vulnerable communities.  Activities will be conducted with the support of 23 local NGO partners and with the endorsement of municipalities and kindergartens in 240 settlements throughout Bulgaria.

Knowledge Association Lovech will coordinate the activities in Lovech and Gabrovo districts. The target kindergartens are in the following areas: Sevlievo, Yablanitsa, Teteven, Ugurchin, Brestnitsa, Kirchevo, Gradnitsa, Dermanci


Main activities:

Within the participating communities, the assigned intervention ( free kindergarten, free kindergarten and vouchers conditional on regular attendance, or a control group)  will be offered to up to 25 vulnerable children aged 3-5, who have been pre-selected. 

One half of the settlements will also participate in an intervention that involves parents in a series of informational meetings, where the benefits of early education are discussed.  The aim is to test and evaluate each intervention in order to determine which is the most successful and cost-effective way to boost preschool participation and early learning.




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